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Detainees who are not in internal disciplinary action will be allowed the opportunity to visit with parents/legal guardians, grandparents, or siblings who are over the age of 18.  These are the ONLY visitors allowed.  Siblings over 18 that have a different last name than that of the detainee must bring legal proof of relationship by producing a birth certificate before visitation will be approved.  Step-brothers and step-sisters are not allowed to visit.  Step-parents are allowed to visit if they are currently married to the biological parent.  Visits will last one hour and occur twice a week for each unit, with one visiting hour occurring on the weekend.  Detainees are restricted to two (2) visitors each visit.  The only physical contact allowed is a brief hug and holding hands during the visit.  Any other physical contact may be cause to terminate the visit.  It is the detainee's responsibility to inform their parents of their assigned visiting hours.

It is strongly recommended that visitors arrive 30 minutes early for visitation.  Visitors MUST, however, arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled visiting hour.  NO VISITORS WILL BE ACCEPTED TO VISITING AFTER THE 15 MINUTE CUT OFF - NO EXCEPTIONS.  Visitors must present two (2) pieces of I.D., one being a picture form I.D.  Each visitor is allowed to bring up to $5.00 in coins or dollar bills if they wish to purchase items from the visiting room vending machines.  No other personal items are allowed in the visiting area, including keys, purses, hats, jackets, etc.  Lockers are provided in the waiting area for visitors to secure personal belongings while visiting.  These lockers are operated with 25¢ in quarter form.  The locker key must be kept in the visitor’s possession through visitation.  Detainees are not allowed to bring any money or vending items back to the units with them.  All vending items must be consumed during the visitation time.  Braiding of hair is strictly prohibited during visitation.  Any visitor who violates the visitation rules is being disruptive, or is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be required to leave the visitation area immediately.  Any special visiting requests must be made to the Detention Manager at DCYC.




Community Tours

If you have a child who is struggling with making right choices and you are concerned that he/she may be going down the wrong path, the Community Tour may be able to assist you. We will invite you and your child to our facility to talk about these issues. We share what behaviors may land a youth in detention, with the hopes of turning around their behaviors. There will also be a short tour following.

Please fill out the following form and click submit. Slots are limited

2019 Dates are as followed

January 17 or 31
February 14 or 28
March 14 or 28
April 11 or 25
May 9 or 23
June 13 or 27
July 11 or 25
August 8 or 22
September 12 or 26
October 10 or 24
November 14 or 28
December 12

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