Detainees who are not in internal disciplinary action will be allowed the opportunity to visit with parents/legal guardians, grandparents, or siblings who are over the age of 18.  These are the ONLY visitors allowed.  Siblings over 18 that have a different last name than that of the detainee must bring legal proof of relationship by producing a birth certificate before visitation will be approved.  Step-brothers and step-sisters are not allowed to visit.  Step-parents are allowed to visit if they are currently married to the biological parent.  Visits will last one hour and occur twice a week for each unit, with one visiting hour occurring on the weekend.  Detainees are restricted to two (2) visitors each visit.  The only physical contact allowed is a brief hug and holding hands during the visit.  Any other physical contact may be cause to terminate the visit.  It is the detainee's responsibility to inform their parents of their assigned visiting hours.

The visitation schedule is according to housing assignments, so it is best to call the Youth Center at 444-7492 to inquire, go to the visitation page for additional information.