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Where is the Youth Center Located?

1301 S. 41st
Omaha, NE 68105

We are the first building North of the Douglas County Health Center.

What is the Youth Center?

We are a secure juvenile detention facility for Douglas County.

Youth are classified according to their intensity and placed in a living unit with similarly situated youth.

My child does not want to do what I tell him/her to do. How can I put my child in the Youth Services Center?

The only way a youth is placed in the Youth Center is for a law violation authorized by an officer of the court including a law enforcement officer, judge, or probation officer.

My son/daughter continually runs away. Can I have him/her locked up in the Youth Center for a while?

A youth must be accused of a law violation for placement. We abide by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Detention Prevention act.

Am I allowed to visit my child?

Yes, parents and legal guardians are encouraged to visit their children. The visitation schedule is according to housing assignments, so it is best to call the Youth Center at 444-7492 to inquire, go to the visitation page for additional information.

Does my child attend school while detained at the Youth Center?

Yes! There is an Educational Program that functions in the Youth Center year round. There currently are full-time certified teachers, Para educators and an Educational Coordinator who work on site.

My child needs to pay a fine/bond to get out of the Youth Center. Where do I go if I want to pay this?

Come through the front entrance into the lobby at the Douglas County Youth Center. A staff member will answer your request and help you. This can be done at anytime, but it is best to come during regular business hours.

May I bring clothes in for my child to wear?

The Youth Center furnishes everything your child needs in the way of clothing. However, Detainees are allowed one (1) shoe exchange during their stay at DCYC. Only tennis shoes may be brought in to a detainee. Tennis shoes must not contain any metal parts or ornamentations of any kind. Shoe exchanges must be made during normal business hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Can I bring in Homework?

Yes, you can bring in homework for your child. Books and assignments may be brought in to the Douglas County Youth Center Monday through Friday. Please leave the children’s name, the school he or she is attending, homework assignments and phone number you can be reached at. The books will be noted on the individuals property form in Admissions. Please address the books and homework to D.C.Y.C. liaison at 444-3833.

May I bring in my Child’s medication?

Yes! All current prescription medications are accepted. The medication will be validated with the prescribing physician’s office and chemically identified by our nurses/pharmacist. If everything is valid and our physician assistant approves, the medications will be administered to the youth.

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