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Mission Statement:

The mission of the Douglas County Youth Center Education Program is to provide students with opportunities to continue academic course work from their home schools, to earn credits toward graduation or grade advancement and to plan a seamless transition to school or the world of work.

Douglas County Youth Center Accredited Curriculum Includes:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Career Education
  • Electives

Certification by the Nebraska Department of Education is a requirement to teach at the Douglas County Youth Center. Upon entering Douglas County Youth Center (DCYC) the School Liaison/Lead Teacher (within 10 calendar days):

  • Contacts the Student’s home school
  • Obtains Transcripts
  • Creates an Academic Advancement Plan

The Douglas County Youth Center (DCYC) Education Department offers the following educational opportunities for students to earn credits towards a high school diploma:

  • PASS (Portable Assisted Study Sequence) Program – Funded by Title I and provided through Omaha Public Schools. The PASS curriculum includes Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science and Basic Study Skills
  • Acellus – an online educational resource which offers a variety of courses.
  • PLATO – an online educational resource which offers a variety of courses.
  • Home School – We can also work with the student’s home school to provide the student with textbooks and homework used by the student prior to arriving at the Youth Center. The goal is that the student may return to their home school in good standing. Homework and other materials from outside schools or institutions shall be delivered to the Lead Teacher. The person delivering the materials shall leave their name and phone number in addition to the name of the school or institution providing the material.
  • Career Education – Nebraska Career Education materials, interest inventories, career speakers and fairs are utilized.
  • Physical Education – Physical Education credits may be earned while at DCYC.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be held three times a year (January, May, and September). Conferences provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to meet the teachers working daily with their student. Full and partial credits toward graduation may be earned at DCYC. Information shared at Conferences include:

  • Student Grades
  • Progress toward Graduation
  • Student Career Interests
  • Metropolitan Community College Opportunities

Recreation Program

The Douglas County Youth Center incorporates both structured and leisure activities to provide a comprehensive recreational program for all youth detained. DCYC provides one (1) hour of structured physical activity and one (1) hour of leisure programming each day. All units are given the opportunity to participate in structured activities five (5) days each week. Types of activities include:


Basic exercises

Team Sports (flag football, capture the flag, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and hockey)


Library Services

Educational and leisure reading materials (fiction, non-fiction, instructional, informational and recreational reading materials) are available to provide an interest in reading.

Computer Lab Services

Students have computer lab access two hours per week to complete online academic courses. In the computer lab, students may access over 150 academic courses. Acellus and Plato online courses count towards high school credit. Students may also access Metropolitan Community College courses online.

Career Computer Lab Services

Students have two hours per week to complete career exploration activities. An additional eight computer lab provides students online access to career exploration activities, interest inventories, and resume creation.

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